Brookhaven Residents Respond Affirmatively to the New Call-out App, Making Snow Removal Efficient In The Town

A new “Call-Out” app shortens the Brookhaven Officials’ response time in face of severe weather, as the app was tested the first time last week and proved efficient with feedbacks from foremen and residents.

The Call-Out Application allows vendors receive both text and email about specific tasks from foremen. Vendors provide their phone numbers and email addresses on their phones in advance. The app could run on computers, tablets and iPhones. Vendors will receive information about assigned tasks, the address of the assignment and which yard to report to.

The traditional snow removal process requires foremen to go to their offices, call each vendor from a list on a piece of paper, and confirm each vendor’s availability and what time their services would be needed.


“Foremen can only focus on doing the actual physical work rather than wasting an hour or more calling the vendors,” Dan Losquadro, the Brookhaven Town Highway Superintendent, said. “The Call-Out app has completely eliminated that archaic process,” referring the additional function of the app that allows contractors to confirm the reservation and respond whether they could provide the services or not.

The IT department at the Town of  Brookhaven spent approximately four months making the app into a reality from the concept at the beginning.

“I came up with the idea of making an app and my staff took my concept and made it possible in-house instead of spending tons of money on an outside developer,” Losquadro said. Losquadro also explained that for now they will name the app as the “Call-Out app” until they come up with a catchier name for the app.

“We tested it out internally last September before a few test runs with highway department crews and outside contractors,” Matt Sabatello, the town’s website manager, said. “We finalized it and made it as user-friendly as we could.”

“It used to take us few hours to get tasks assigned to our foremen but now it only takes a few minutes,” Sabatello said. The app could mean a faster way for officials to respond during severe weather occurrences, something that has plagued long island for a while.

“Even though there was still a lot of snow, the road was clearly cleaned by workers at 1 o’clock, that is when I got out of the house,”Zacharia Sawaged, a resident of Coram, Brookhaven, said. Sawaged later confirms that the app definitely make foremen react faster than they used to.

The new app comes four years after the former Brookhaven highway superintendent, Michael Murphy, resigned after residents became furious when he called in sick for four days with a toothache, leaving Brookhaven stuffed in snow without anyone to clean it.

“By allowing us to quickly deploy resources where needed most, our snow removal crews can clear the roads more safely and efficiently,” Edward P. Romaine, the supervisor of the Town of Brookhaven, said.


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