Port Jefferson set to build green parking lot

By Jack Yu and Melissa Laker

The Village of Port Jefferson is in the process of demolishing a house on Barnum avenue to build a new green parking lot with 40-60 spaces, adding to approximately 640 spaces already in Port Jefferson.

“We are going to try and use some permeable pavers, instead of asphalt,” Port Jefferson Mayor Margot Garant said. “Asphalt isn’t usually the preferred material so we are looking at alternative materials to make it less of a hardscape, such as turf to nice gravel to a material that lets the water percolate through and doesn’t build up and puddle. We may have solar lighting and even some electric spots for electric cars. This is going to be a beautiful new venture for us.”

Contractors have removed all cabinetry, any fixtures and all of the appliances from the house. The Village is now waiting for the asbestos removal team to receive their board of health permit from New York State before removing the asbestos material from the piping, the ceiling and in the flooring, which should take less than five days.

After the asbestos removal and the air filtration sample shows compliance with regulation, the Village are offering the shell of the home to the local fire department for their fire drill exercises. The demolition team will then demolish the structure and foundation of the house in  its entirety.

From asbestos removal to demolition, the process should take three weeks; however, Mayor Garant promises that disruption to residents will be “very little, none whatsoever” as the property is ¾ bordered by Village owned property.

“Our little sort of clearing here of this dilapidated building should be something the community really looks forward to,” Mayor Garant said.

Some businesses, like employees from The Crushed Olive, are excited about the new parking lot which will be situated just 200 ft from Main Street.

“I’m sure a new parking lot would be great for business,” employee at “The Crushed Olive,” Lexi Warnking said. “We have enough business already because it is Port Jefferson, everyone loves the little area with little shops, but I’m sure it would be great to have better parking and it would make it easier for people.”

In downtown Port Jefferson, there are 11 designated parking areas: six with paid parking, three for resident parking and two with free parking as well as free on-street parking with time limits enforced that are regularly at capacity.

“It is challenging to park around here,” Port Jefferson visitor, Rebecca Graney said. “I wish there was more.”

The Port Jefferson Parking Committee has not made a final determination of whether the parking lot will be metered or free but have recommended that, if metered, that it is on a long term basis every four hours, instead of each hour like other Port Jefferson parking meters.

The parking lot will be funded by the metered parking dollars from other parking areas to not disadvantage taxpayers.


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